The world's first worrysitter.

In average, we spend 5 years of our lives worrying , even if 85% of what we worry about never happens . Constant worrying takes a toll on your emotional and physical health , it prevents you from living in the moment, acting boldly, and working towards reaching your dreams.

The Internet has many tips to stop worrying - breathe, meditate, exercise, call a therapist, take off to a buddhist monastery. But sometimes what you need a is just a quick fix, a pause, a breath of fresh air. This is what Worrit is for.

Worrit is the world’s first fully automated worrysitter. Here’s how it works:

  1. You submit a list of worries that you want to pause.
  2. Worrit keeps them under a watchful robot eye and returns to you when you’re ready.
  3. Immediately after, your data is automatically deleted to ensure that your experience is private.

Worrit allows you to unblock your mind, regain your strength, and focus on solutions instead of problems, for free.